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Learn from the person who cleared all FAA, EASA , DGCA etc exams

Learn from the pilot who scored hundred percent in multiple aviation exams.


Welcome to pilot research centre. We are a one stop solution to all your aviation exams be it FAA (US), EASA (Europe), DGCA (India) etc. Learn from the best….you  heard it right..Learn from the one who himself is an airline pilot and has cleared all FAA, EASA, DGCA and even scored hundred percent in multiple aviation exams. Our objective is to not only make your clear you pilot exams but provide you extensive knowledge that will help you progress in your career. We cover everything from basic to advanced in aviation. Trust me, we will make you fall in love with aviation. 

Why choose us

Learn from person who himself has cleared the papers

Many a times it is seen that many people who aren’t pilots or those who haven’t themselves cleared the papers start teaching. I am not saying that is bad as anyone can teach if he has required expertise and motivation, but on a safe side, why not learn from someone who has been there and cleared it.

Get 360 degree knowledge required to be a pilot

It may sound fascinating to you that there are various differences when it comes to FAA, EASA and DGCA exams. None of them is complete on its own. For e.g. : DGCA doesn’t ask any chart based questions and understanding of charts is very critical to become a pilot. Sidhant Sir has given and cleared all the papers so he can provide you the complete knowledge required to become a pilot.

Emphasis on questions

This is one of our USP. Almost all aviation ground schools just teach the concepts and then give a student a question bank to solve. While, bright students are suitable for this method, less capable students might have a hard time solving questions and they have no one to solve their queries. In pilot research centre, we take care of all students and hence we cover almost all questions while teaching the concepts only. This not only results in better retention of questions (through categorization method) but also reduces the students workload.

Live classes

Many ground schools have started providing recorded classes to reduce their workload and upscale their revenue. The justification given is that students can watch videoes at their convenience and rewatch videos multiple times. Pilot Research Centre believes that this is not so beneficial as it may sound. Studies have shown that upto 95 percent students procastinate and this method actually might encourage students to do it. Pilot preparation is serious business; not something like watching movies where students are given a recorded list. Also, a student can never be as attentive in a recorded video than in a live class. Again a proven fact.! Thus, this results in student rewatching a video multiple times and hence, overall preparation time actually increases.

What our students says

Pilot Research Centre was founded by Sidhant Sir, an airline pilot with a passion for teaching. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the aviation industry, Sidhant Sir has helped numerous students clear their FAA, EASA, and DGCA exams.

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